fab foodie foam

our method HOME kitchen experts ChefSteps came up with this shucking great way to dress up oysters with a delicious mignonette foam. all you need is a few simple ingredients and, most importantly, an empty method foaming hand wash bottle.


1 empty method foaming hand wash bottle

12 oysters

1 shallot

150g vinegar (champagne vinegar is best)

150g water

4g salt

30g sugar

16g versawhip

  1. rinse the foaming hand wash bottle, and flush the pump with fresh water.
  1. shuck those oysters.
  1. chop the shallot and soak it in the vinegar.
  1. strain the vinegar into a container, then add the water, sugar, salt and versawhip.
  1. give it a quick mix then pour it into the method bottle.
  1. add a pump of foam to each oyster, and serve.

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