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much to everyone’s delight, the june employee of the month award was bestowed upon lucy s. when she’s not kicking ass at launching gorgeous new hand and body wash products – hello orla kiely and DESIGNED FOR GOOD – she keeps us all laughing with funny jokes and rockin’ tunes. she’s one of those colleagues you hope to have around. I asked the funny lady to tell us a bit more about winning the coveted award.

your award was announced in a unique way. did you have any idea what was going on?
I am the world’s most gullible human, and lucy (the other lucy – my boss) completely decked me out. she pretended she was presenting me with a values award, and you get to spin a wheel to see what prize you win. but she replaced every prize on the wheel with an envelope containing a card saying “you are employee of the month!” so she told me to read the card out loud and I was all “it says ‘you are employee of the month.’ I don’t get it.” and then she showed a video of my 6-month-old nephew re-enacting my favorite scene from “love actually.” any monday that can start with your entire company, a captive audience, having to watch a video of your nephew is a good monday.

it was really fun to watch. run us through a typical day as method’s business manager for personal care.

this morning we got to smell the first round of fragrance submissions for our spring limited edition launch. that made me very hungry. and then we had to sprint out of that meeting to catch the reaction of a coworker whose desk we had bubble wrapped while she was out on her honeymoon. again, VERY IMPORTANT STUFF. after that, I met with our sales gurus to talk about the state of the business at one of our biggest customers (aka retailers), and with our PR mavens on a possible charity partnership and with our project manager on the financials of an upcoming launch. even writing this, I fully recognize that I’m an expert at nothing. I just work with the experts. but, man, are they ever good at their jobs.

what do you love the most about working here?

the fro-yo machine. and that you can be as weird at work as you are in your normal life and that’s totally encouraged. also, the fro-yo toppings bar.

you’re known around the office for being a clever wordsmith and lover of awesomely cheesy 90s music. what’s something we don’t know about you?

I didn’t know that I was known for being a clever wordsmith! that’s so nice. I am adding that to my email signature. I bet you didn’t know that I can sing “I gotta man” by positive k in its entirety. and I am learning how to play the ukulele. my husband gave me the ukulele as a valentine’s day gift, and I think he’s been regretting it since february 15. I’ll put my ukulele down and it keeps moving around the house and ending up in the closet. SO WEIRD, RIGHT?

now on to the good stuff. how will you spend your ‘perk of significance’?

I’m going to sound like a commercial, but I got these beats headphones because I listen to music all day (and had recently dropped my earbuds into coffee) and they’re a game changer. I was also perked a live nation gift certificate to go see some shows, so here’s hoping that p.m. dawn schedules a reunion tour. I mean, if new kids on the block can make a comeback, anything’s possible.

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