dishwasher double duty

sexy dishwasher

has it ever occurred to you that your dishwasher could probably do more than just wash dishes? us too. here are a few ideas from green chef, fred, on how to use your dishwasher when no one’s looking. or maybe when they are looking, to impress them.

sexy dishwasher

with dishes
put toothbrushes in with the silverware
you can put that toothbrush holder in, too, in the glass rack
the sink scrubbie or sponge
dusty glass and plastic house decorations
coffee pot and teakettle

without dishes (psst…it’s always a good idea to test something less valuable first)
gold jewelry (put it in a plastic screen envelope)
the lintscreen from the dryer, once a quarter
soap trays and dishes from all around the house
baseball caps (make sure you have a hat rack for this one to keep it from shriveling)

fred also told us that he once degreased some tools and aluminum cylinder heads from an engine project. and it worked beautifully.

what else have you cleaned in your dishwasher?


  • August 6, 2013

    Kristin Dingler

    I wouldn’t do most of these above suggestions (posted from the link; not others comments) because we have hard water in our area. If you put a toothbrush in your dishwasher then you are adding more hard water plus your dish washing detergent into your toothbrush. Uh, No thanks! However, I do put dish scrubbies in the dishwasher along with my dishes.

  • May 7, 2013

    Barb Carey

    Little kids plastic toys, lunch boxes (both hard and fabric), flip flops and Crocs. Just use the top rack.

  • May 6, 2013

    Elizabeth Marshall

    I do the hair brushes once or twice a year; probably once a month if you have children..