regardless of your spring cleaning personality, there are probably some places that you forget to clean. as a friendly reminder, we’re turning your attention to three. now, all you have to do is hit these spots.


sloppy spot #1: your desk

think of all the things you do at your desk: eat. type. drink. write. perhaps forget to wipe spillage between tasks. grossed out yet? we are. maybe it’s time to give your workspace a good clean with all-purpose cleaner. then you can get back to your daily routine.


sloppy spot #2: your shower ledge

you’re good at giving your tub or toilet a regular scrub, but what about the shower ledge where you cram your shampoo, soap and conditioner? you’ve probably noticed that soap scum pile up. stop ignoring it and let our foaming bathroom cleaner do your dirty work.


sloppy spot #3: your everyday bag

work bag, pocketbook, purse, murse—we all need something to put our stuff in. and that stuff can sometimes leak or spill. so give the inside of your bag a little love. and if the lining needs some spot-treating, our 8x concentrated laundry detergent will definitely come in handy.

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