fear no mess with method® daily granite cleaner.


daily life can be tough on kitchen countertops. the constant barrage of plates, pots, pans, spills + splashes will test the mettle of even the most steadfast stone surface. that’s why any natural stone should be properly sealed. but how do you know if your countertops have been covered correctly? here are a few tips + tricks.


granite, marble, quartz and other stone surfaces are naturally porous. if they’re not sealed (or if they’re sealed incorrectly), they’ll happily soak up any mess you make on them, leaving permanent and unwanted reminders of every little spill. sealants create an invisible barrier that helps protect expensive surfaces against staining and daily wear + tear without changing the appearance of the surface. the gist? sealing your stone keeps any soils on the surface, so they’re easily wiped away.


this simple water test should clue you in on whether or not you’re countertops have been sealed correctly:

STEP 1: choose and inconspicuous spot for your test, and make sure the surface area is clean and dry

STEP 2: pour a drop of clean tap water (about an inch in diameter) onto the surface of the stone.

STEP 3: let the water stand for a few minutes and watch what happens.

if the water is not absorbed by the stone, but beads on the surface, your counter is properly sealed. wipe it off and you’re good to go. if the water is absorbed into the stone, your surface is not sealed correctly. the good news is that the water won’t leave a mark. while the spot where the water was absorbed may appear slightly darker now, it will go back to normal once it dries. just don’t spill anything else on it.


we’re glad you asked. all you need to keep that glorious surface gleaming is method® daily granite cleaner. our non-toxic, plant-based formula will buff, polish, clean + shine sealed granite, quartz, marble or stone. just spray a little on a soft cloth, wipe your countertops in circular motion, then buff dry to a beautiful, ick-free shine.


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