color your world

2014-07-09 12.52.17

the vibrant colors + stylish patterns of our new limited edition collection prompted a few of us in the office to have a nail polish party. (like we needed an excuse.) the result? three easy to replicate designs shown with the bottles that inspired them.


kelly moss stripes

paint the dark blue base first. once the base is completely dry, paint the green and aquamarine stripes. to get precise lines, it’s really helpful to use a nail polish striper. let dry and you’re done.

2014-07-09 12.54.32

rice milk + mallow polka dots

paint the light green base first. once the base is completely dry, pour some navy blue nail polish onto foil. then, dip the flat end of a toothpick into the navy blue nail polish to make the polka dots. again, let dry and you’re done.


white cranberry tips

paint the red base first. once the base is completely dry, use the pink nail polish on the tips. if you don’t have a steady hand, you can use stationary tape for a more precise line. just leave the tip of the nail uncovered and try not to press the tape down too firmly so it doesn’t stick to your nail and ruin your base coat. let dry and you’re good to go.


** a tip from mia, our resident spa junkie: “before painting your nails, soak them in a mixture of warm water + the hand wash of your choice to help soften your cuticles.” **


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