clean these 3 problem areas


remember when we asked you for tips + tricks on how you tidy up the three spots in your home that make cleaning a real chore? now, we’re here to tell you how we would clean ‘em.

we asked our packaging team for some simple (yet unusual) hacks to get the jobs done. the catch? they could only work with items we gave them—from play dough to princess toys. here’s what they came up with:

SORE SPOT: outside the toilet bowl
FUN FIX: we’re sparing you some serious squats with this hack. just poke some holes in a cleaning glove and fill it with our antibac all-purpose cleaner give it a good squeeze to let the liquid out and follow it up with a scrub from a brush secured to the end of a pole. bonus points if that pole is also a cricket wicket.

SORE SPOT: bathroom corners + crevices
FUN FIX: you know those lint-hair piles you’ve been ignoring? this was created to help with those. to get into bathroom crevices, grab a makeshift pole. (seriously, even a magic wand will do.) next, stick some tape to one end to collect the big dust bunnies + secure a shower squeegee to the opposite end for those smaller particles. then, just give our bathroom tub + tile cleaner a spritz and squeegee away. it works, we swear.

SORE SPOT: greasy stovetop
FUN FIX: cleaning this problem area is a piece of cake with an electric drill—just hear us out. for this hack, tape a lint roller to the edge of the drill. then cut a sponge down the middle and fasten the smooth end or the to the outside of the lint roller. finally, spray our all-purpose cleaner on the stovetop and turn that drill on. (ok fine, maybe don’t try this one at home.)

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