california academy of sciences

during our most recent care day at the california academy of sciences, we weeded, planted and played with slugs. after all, we’re not afraid to get a little muddy when we’re fighting dirty. 

where we went: california academy of sciences, san francisco, ca

what it is: one of the largest museums of natural history in the world

what we did: their landscaping exhibit department needed a helping hand manicuring nature trails and taking care of their native plant species, so we went to work. one of the nature trails was overgrown with yarrow—a fragrant native plant that’s said to make you smarter if you drink it in a tea. we’re plenty smart, so we weeded it out to make way for more variety of native plants to beautify the trail for visitors. we also pruned along the path, and planted California-native species, like spice bushes and sage.

if you want to enjoy the nature trail as you explore the academy of sciences, or want to learn more about the work they’re doing to preserve California flora and fauna, go to

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