bag it

quick quiz: how many plastic bags are consumed in the world in one minute?

A. 250,000
B. 500,000
C. 1 million
D. 2 million

pencils down. the answer is C – 1 million plastic bags are consumed in a minute, totaling 500 billion used worldwide annually! these are single-use, disposable bags that litter the streets and balloon our landfills + oceans. it’s shocking, isn’t it?

this quiz question came up last week, when we hosted a screening of award-winning eco-flick, “Bag It,” here at method. “Bag It” is a documentary that examines our society’s use and abuse of plastic and its impact on our health and environment. the producer of the film, Michelle Hill, and the film’s local project campaign manager, Emily Utter, led a discussion that followed.

seeing the issues presented in this film really makes us think about method’s role in the world—and our ongoing innovation in sustainable packaging. you can read more about what we’re doing here. and think about hosting a screening at your office, school or community. you can find out more information here. you’ll be so glad you did.

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