ask saskia: being biodegradable

Q. why is it important to use biodegradable products?

good question! and I’ve got a dirty answer for you. because even though we call ourselves people against dirty®, sometimes we still need to get down with the stinky and mucky parts of life—like biodegradation.

biodegradation is when microbes decompose organic matter creating materials that can return safely to nature. for example, when leaves fall onto the forest floor, decompose and return to the soil—that’s an example of biodegradation. in large scale urban environments, decomposition typically happens at a wastewater treatment facility. which brings me to why we recently visited one and voluntarily walked the plank above bubbling vats of sewage.

you see, at method we use the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy to inform how we design products. this means that we look at every stage of a product’s life to ensure that all materials are sourced, used and recycled safely. for us, that means making bottles from recycled plastic that are recyclable and using ingredients sourced largely from renewable materials that safely biodegrade. but designing our products to be biodegradable is just part of our process; we also want to see what really happens when our soap goes down the drain.

so back to the wastewater treatment facility… here, biodegradation is a stinky process. big vats of sewage go through various stages: the sewage is filtered, aerated and then microbes are added to break down the organic matter. at the end of it all, the treated water is released back into the environment. that’s why we believe it’s important to use biodegradable products, so that they will easily break down during this process.

we take great care to ensure our biodegradable formulas return safely into the environment instead of persisting in nature. and that’s the not-so-dirty truth.


saskia is our resident greenskeeping manager, though we like to call her “captain planet.” got a green question for saskia? email it to questions will be chosen at random and answers will be posted on our blog. 

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  • October 26, 2014

    Karen Arilotta

    I have been using Method products for the past 3 years and absolutely love the cucumber spray cleaner. I not only use it to clean everything, I spray it on my furniture and rugs just before company come. I spray my washed sheets before putting them in the dryer. I have been purchasing two bottles every week, however I just retired and am trying to cut back. Is there any possibility of ordering a case from Methods at a reduced price. I’m addicted to the fresh clean fragrance.