ASK SASKIA: B Corp Basics


Q. what is a B Corp, and what makes you one of the Best for the World B Corps?

B Corps are for-profit companies certified to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

method is a founding B Corp, so we have been a B Corp since the beginning—2007 to be exact. there are now more than 1,600 certified B Corps around the world. all B Corps measure and report their social and environmental impact against the B Impact Assessment. the results are tallied to give a company an overall B Score (of which 80 is the absolute minimum).

this year, method scored 132, qualifying us for the Best for the World list, which means our total score was in the top 10 percent overall for companies of our size (50-249 employees). to be included in this list is a big deal and comes as a result of a lot of hard work.

we’ve always pioneered environmental stewardship—from powering our formulas with green chemistry to designing our packaging to be closed loop. that’s why we’ve long been named as one of the Best for the Environment B Corps (including this year).

social innovation is also essential to the fabric of a B Corp. and perks like method care days have always helped us give back to our local communities. but as we’ve grown, our ability to invest in community has grown too—so we’ve laid a foundation to have some of the most progressive community practices in the B Corp community:

  • local hiring practices: when we built our soap factory (aka South Side Soapbox), we made a commitment to the city of Chicago to hire employees from the surrounding community. we even brought on people with no previous manufacturing experience and taught them the skills they needed to do their jobs well.
  • plentiful perks: we’ve always invested in our employees’ livelihoods with competitive benefits, training and leave policies—and in the past year we’ve translated those perks to the manufacturing floor.
  • people against dirty: we’re also committed to diversity and gender equality. more than half of our employees—and more than a quarter of our leadership team and board of directors—are women.

building a business for good is our sort of thing. we’re committed to growing our company so we can continue to grow our impact—on the planet, on communities and on dirty everywhere.

saskia is our resident greenskeeping manager, though we like to call her “captain planet.” got a green question for saskia? email it to questions will be chosen at random and answers will be posted on our blog.

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