a treat for hands


the BRRRR months are now upon us. (yes, we meant to replace –ber with BRRRR, because it’s going to be cold, get it?) for most hands, that means some dry days ahead. inspired by the fragrances of our nourishing hand wash, we developed this exfoliating hand mask that will leave hands feeling soft and smooth. treat yourself to it weekly for best results.

½ cup crushed almonds (we just whizzed them up in a food processor.)

½ cup coconut milk (we used canned coconut milk—the richer, the better.)

¼ cup olive oil

combine all the ingredients in a bowl. mix well.

massage evenly onto hands. you want to apply a generous amount and really rub it in so that the crushed almonds will help exfoliate dry skin. wash hands thoroughly with our nourishing hand wash, and admire. pretty luxurious, don’t you think?

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