a method love fest

we love you, our ‘people against dirty,’ and it seems like the feeling is mutual. which is why we’re on a relentless quest to better understand you and what gets you excited. things like, what do you love most about method? how did you discover us? what first got your attention? how does method connect to you and your life?

sometimes it’s nice to talk about these things in person, so we spent two days in Chicago getting up close and personal with some of our advocates. forty brave windy city fans were invited to method’s Chicago office, and to fellow advocates’ homes, to discuss their journey with method. then we put on some Justin Bieber tunes, danced around and shot some fun photos for kicks.

what we learned is, whether you’re a diehard tree-hugger or a just a dabbler in green, many of you initially fall in love with method because of our design. when you get us home, the yummy fragrances (in a bathroom cleaner, really?!) and kick-ass cleaning power keep you coming back. and our authentic, inside-out sustainability mission makes you feel so good that you tell your friends, family – and even total strangers about method. we love hearing that!

thank you so much, ‘people against dirty,’ for helping us understand the method magic, so we can continue to give you products and experiences that keep your home and conscience sparkling clean. we’ll be taking this love fest to more cities later this summer. stay tuned.

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