8 tips to be wise + well


method teamed up with fellow Made to Matter brands—Justin’s, Plum Organics and Yes To—to give you these helpful tips so you can make wise choices for your family’s wellbeing.



























consider how something is made.
a product may look nice on the shelf, but how it got there could be a totally different story. dig a little deeper into the company behind the product and how + where it was made. a brand with nothing to hide will typically share its philosophies on its web site. if you agree with them, then shop to it.

choose recyclable packaging. landfills are large enough. you don’t need to add your used product to the mess. make sure the packaging of your products can have another life. or better yet, choose packaging that may have had multiple lives already—like method bottles that are made with recycled plastic (PCR).

care about what you put on. did you know your skin is your largest organ, and the majority of what you put onto it is absorbed into the body? when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, you may want to pick up a natural beauty product (such as Yes To face cleanser or moisturizer) to ensure that your body absorbs all the goodies and none of the nasties.

read the label. for example, not all facial cleansing wipes are created equal. next time you go shopping for a facial cleansing wipe, look for symbols like that of  the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which indicates that the wipes are made from sustainable material. some wipes are even made to be compostable like Yes To’s wipes. #doublewin.

power up with protein. studies show that incorporating protein into each meal throughout the day can help your body build muscle more efficiently while preserving lean muscle mass. nut butters are the perfect source of vegetarian protein that pair well with…pretty much anything.

stash some snacks. packing convenient and nutritious fuel for when you’re on the go can prevent your blood sugar from dropping too low, stop that “hangry” feeling and help you resist the urge for fast food. keep a few nut butter squeeze packs or nut butter + pretzel snack packs in your purse, desk drawer or glove compartment for emergency pick-me-ups.

practice makes perfect. never give up on the first few attempts at feeding your baby a new food. babies need repetition so try, try and try again. when introducing a new food to your tot, use her favorite ingredients to build a “flavor bridge.” pickiness can be frustrating, but this too shall pass.

involve tots in grocery shopping + meal prep. toddlers are more likely to try something when they pick, prep and plate it. take them to the farmer’s market, out to a garden and into the kitchen—make healthy food part of their everyday experience.

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