there’s nothing sadder than a bunch of wilting flowers. so we asked the experts behind national flower delivery service BloomThat for some tips on how to keep your bouquets looking fresh and well-arranged.

1. PICK SEASONAL FLOWERS. an easy way to help blooms last longer is to choose those that are at the peak of their growing season. some fun fall faves: peonies, calla lilies, tulips, sunflowers, zinnias + garden roses.

2. UPCYCLE YOUR CONTAINERS. jam jars, pitchers + decanters make great vases. flowers with a fuller bloom, like peonies, look best in containers with a wide base and small neck, while big bouquets need vases with a wide opening.

3. CUT AND REPEAT. cut stems at a 45-degree angle before arranging them in a vase with cool, clean water. refresh the water every other day and give the stems a fresh cut each time.

4. ADD SOME SUGAR. cane sugar, the primary ingredient in most flower food, helps blooms last longer and gives stems extra strength. add a teaspoon each time you refresh the water.

5. DROP A PENNY. this simple trick works best on tulips. when you notice the stems starting to curve down, drop a penny in the water and they should perk right up.

6. PLUNGE THIS BLOOM. if your hydrangeas are starting to droop, “plunge” their heads in cold water on waterfall mode for one minute. shake off excess water, then follow tips 3 + 4 to help them bounce back to life.

7. OPEN THOSE BUDS. if your arrangement is for a special event or occasion and you want the blooms to open up quickly (i.e. same day), use warm water in the vase and they’ll open at a faster pace.

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