10 life lessons from mom


moms are an endless source of practical wisdom. even if that wisdom can sometimes be a little unconventional. to celebrate mother’s day, we asked everyone at soap headquarters to share some of their favorite (weird) mom advice. we had A LOT of good ones, but here are our top ten soundbytes:





“it’s OK to sleep at the opera. just don’t snore.”      —robert m., law and order aka interim general counsel



deena 2



“use cloth diapers, use cloth napkins, line dry your clothes. even in the dead of winter in pennsylvania.”   —deena k., design intervention aka design director



brynne 1


“my mom taught my sisters and me to not wash our feet in the shower. today, when you ask any of us why, we’ll  all answer the same way: ‘the soap from your body washes them.’”   —brynne r., the ambassetor aka creative global operations manager



michelle a



“always dress to the nines on airplanes. you never know who you’re going to meet.” — michelle a., dirty fighter aka general manager, north america




chris t


“when the house is on fire and you have to call the fire department, make sure to throw away all of the beer    bottles so they don’t think you’re alcoholics.”   —chris t., thaumaturge aka production artist
sha'rhonda neil


“live, love and always be camera ready!”   —sha’rhonda n., personnel doctor aka HR manager people + environment




stephanie m


“my mom used to say, ‘even the Queen of Sheba had to go to the bathroom herself.’ to this day, I don’t know who the Queen of Sheba is…”   —stephanie m., method mann aka business director, hand + body




joe h


“any time one of us would get hurt as kids my mom would say, ‘it’ll all heal up before you’re married!’”     —joe h., pack daddy aka director of package development







“my mom always said that we need to clean the house and leave it in good order before vacation, in case a robber comes by.”   —yasmin f., insight socialite aka director of insights




mia 2



“don’t put hats on the bed.”   —mia c., arts + craft aka designer


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