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posted November 30, 2010 by alexis |

we don’t like to think of ourselves as corporation (it sounds a bit too serious). but if we have to be a corporation, a “Certified B Corporation” is the only way to go.

B Corps are for-benefit companies, dedicated to using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. the certification goes beyond just looking at our products – it considers our whole company and the impact we have on our employees, suppliers, community and the environment. think of it as a certification for sustainable business, like Fair Trade is for coffee or LEED is for green buildings.

the non-profit B Lab that certifies B Corps has just launched its first ad campaign and as a founding B Corp, we’re proud to be a part of it. the hope is that more companies will commit to becoming B Corps, which in turn will help strengthen our communities and preserve our environment.

just for kicks, we’re doing a giveaway of our dish soap featured in the B Corporation ad campaign. your task is to do a little hunting and find out when we became a certified B Corp. comment below + we will choose six randomly selected correct answers to win the dish soap. contest ends 12/3 at midnight pst.

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